Why Sugar Daddies Prefer Asian Sugar Babies

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Sugar daddies are complicated, aren't they? It often becomes difficult to assess what exactly they're looking out for in a sugar baby. A leading sugar daddy website SeekingArrangement had conducted extensive surveys and the results seem to make things easier for wannabe sugar babies. The website has shown a clear picture of what an ideal sugar baby is expected to be and there is good news for Asians.

According to the survey, 30 percent of sugar daddies prefer an Asian sugar baby. On the other hand, Caucasian females formed the most popular group among sugar daddies. It has been revealed that about 32% of sugar daddies prefer to have a Caucasian sugar baby. The fact that Asian women emerged as the second favorite among sugar daddies would surprise many. Here are a few reasons why rich men seek the company of an Asian woman:

  • Asian girls have great looks.

    Sugar daddies look for gorgeous women. It is due to this reason that Asian girls are the preferred choice of sugar daddies. In addition to this, an Asian woman would age gracefully, owing to her genetic qualities. Asian women aren't as susceptive to pimples and wrinkles compared to their western counterparts.

  • They're well – mannered.

    Sugar daddies often attend social gathering and page 3 events. They expect their sugar babies to complement them in every respect. An ill – mannered sugar baby might attract negative attention, which would certainly become a subject of gossip, owing to the person’s social stature.

  • Asian women respect their partners.

    Regardless of how old or influential they are, an Asian woman would always respect her partner. As a matter of fact, it is the culture that dictates a woman to serve and support her partner in every possible way. She isn't loud – mouthed and would seldom disagree with you. From the sugar daddy’s perspective, getting along with such a woman is relatively easier.

  • They're great cooks.

    In case you're looking to do something out of the norm and wish to have a quite, romantic dinner at home, your Asian sugar baby wouldn’t disappoint. She would go to every possible to extent in order to ensure an amazing gastronomical experience.

  • They aren't very demanding.

    Asian women are known to adjust to the most difficult of scenarios. It is this quality that makes Asian sugar babies appealing to a lot of sugar daddies from across the globe. Regardless of what the situation is, she would be able to handle it with a smile.

According to the survey, Asian women tick all the right boxes, making them the ideal choice for around 30 percent of sugar daddies.