How to Spot a Fake Sugar Daddy

While most of the sugar daddies that you are likely to find on sugar daddy dating sites are genuinely seeking an attractive companion, there are always those looking to scam others, while pretending to be authentic. One of the primary benefits of using an online dating platform is that you get to interact with a prospective sugar daddy before meeting him in person. However, sugar babies should exercise caution when it comes to picking the ideal sugar daddy.

Here are 5 signs that show that your potential sugar daddy might be a scammer:

  • They are only interested in sex: A sugar daddy, who talks about sex right in the initial stages of the relationship, is looking for an escort rather than a genuine companion. These kinds of sugar daddies disappear once they've gotten what they want. It is advised that you don't entertain such people and block them if they make you uncomfortable.
  • He is desperate to meet you: He would want to meet you the very night you've had a conversation with him. While there is certainly nothing wrong in showing a bit of excitement, this attitude is generally not expected of a sugar daddy. If the person you are chatting with shows an uncanny interest in meeting you immediately, understand that something isn't right.
  • His pictures or profile details don't match the sugar daddy image: It is a well established fact that sugar daddies are pretty rich, which makes them capable of sponsoring a sugar baby. Being rich, he is expected to have a classy wardrobe comprising of Gucci and Armani, rather than American eagle.
  • He would ask for your explicit pictures: If your prospective sugar daddy asks for naked pictures, especially before you've even met, it is certain that he isn't genuinely seeking a sugar relationship. Just because sex is a part of a sugar relationship, it doesn't mean that he should be asking for explicit photos.
  • Beware of unrealistic compensations: While you might be ready to get into a relationship in exchange for a healthy compensation, offers that seem too good to be true aren't generally provided by genuine sugar daddies. These wealthy professionals are known to make sound financial decisions. In case you feel this wise sense of assessment is going for a toss, it means that something is definitely fishy.

Bear in mind that the aforementioned rules are just guidelines and an individual who falls into any one of these categories, doesn't mean that that he is a scammer.