How to Keep Your Sugar Daddy Interested in Quarantine

It's only natural for relationships to have issues every once in a while and even one involving a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is not an exception. The safety measures implemented during the quarantine could make meet-ups harder to achieve, but there are ways to keep the relationship interesting. If you think you've found the perfect sugar daddy, and you want to keep him interested, even during the quarantine, keep reading.

If You Haven't Found Your Sugar Daddy Yet

You may be interested in having a sugar daddy, but you still haven't found him yet. Don't fret, there are some ways to make accomplishing the task easier. There are numerous sugar daddy websites and sugar daddy apps available today, try using those to massively increase chances of finding the perfect sugar daddy. Let's now proceed to the tips on keeping him interested even during the quarantine.

How to Keep Your Sugar Daddy Interested

Here are some helpful ways to make your sugar daddy stay.

Don't Be Too Clingy

In reality, you depend on your sugar daddy for certain things in life, but it's important to not make it too obvious. As much as possible, try not to communicate too much to make things fresh when you meet him again. Let him see that you have a life outside this relationship as well.

Genuinely Connect With Him

Even though he's your sugar daddy, he should not be different from your friends or loved ones. Make an effort to know him as a person, who he truly is, inside out. Go on adventures together and buy him a gift every once in a while, to show him that it's not all about the money. You can also try asking what his interests are, maybe you two will find common ground. Treat your sugar daddy with love and respect, and he will appreciate you for that.

Be Consistent

Most sugar daddies have personal issues to deal with, and they probably don't want sugar babies that add to their problems by being all over the place. Even if you do have strong feelings for your sugar daddy, try not to show it too much, especially during the early stages.

It's very likely that you two only meet a few times a month, make him feel important by sending him occasional messages. The act of sending random texts and pictures would be enough to make him feel the connection even when you're not together.

Show Him Your Ambitious Side

Sugar daddies worked hard to be well-settled, it makes sense that they like to be around those who are successful or at least have goals in life. He will appreciate you opening up to him what you want to achieve in life. Since he's possibly more experienced than you, he can offer you valuable pieces of advice as well. Your sugar daddy will be more than happy to help you reach where you want to be.


Like all of us, sugar daddies require love and respect and they should be treated like how you would someone dear to you. However, keeping things fresh and maintaining his interest in you may be a little bit harder due to the quarantine restrictions. There are still a couple of ways to keep him genuinely interested, by using the alternative methods provided throughout this post.