Models Now View Sugar Daddy Dating Sites as a Platform to Gain Popularity

There was a time when the idea of sugar daddy dating was associated with mutual benefits, which involved a financially dependent woman and a wealthy man. However, the notion has changed over the years and young girls view it as a stepping stone to something bigger. Websites such as and have taken things to a complete differently level.

For instance, recently announced its first swimsuit calendar that would feature sugar babies. The dating platform had also announced the ‘Sugar Baby of the Year’ content, where the winner was entitled to a prize worth $2000.

Using basic qualities to their advantage

As a matter of fact, sugar babies are expected to be gorgeous and flawless. This is one quality that is also required to be a successful model. When the website announced a contest like this, they were looking to attract sugar babies that wanted to become super models. As these young girls are looking to earn money to make a living, they eventually find wealthy companion that can help them out. But, if you have all these qualities, becoming a top model is not a difficult task, thanks to the kind of visibility these sites give.

Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

Both and specialize in connecting attractive women and rich men from all over the world. Sugar dating is usually defined as an act of exchanging money/goods in exchange for companionship and sometimes love making. While this kind of relationship remained unspoken of in the past, they have gained tremendous popularity in the recent years, courtesy of the World Wide Web.

It has been reported that a majority of users on these websites happen to be students, usually hailing from foreign countries. “These young girls find it difficult to meet ends. This is why they end up dating a sugar daddy, that would not only help them financially but also allow them to explore a whole new world of exquisiteness and wealth,” said dating expert Kevin Fry.

The idea of sugar daddy dating is way beyond companionship, sex and financial benefits. This is also a way for sugar babies to get onto the right path to achieving career goals, while providing a satisfying and fun – filled companionship for older men. Some girls that have had great experiences with wealth men claim that these relationships strike the right balance between money and mentorship.

“It isn't all about money. There is a friendship aspect to this as well. We do not expect sugar daddies to take care of our expenses in exchange of sex. It is a complete package. These men are amazing and I’ve got to learn a lot from them,” said Melissa, a member of