New To The Sugar Bowl? Keep An Eye For These Red Flags

If you’ve recently plunged into the sugar bowl, reading this article might prepare for what’s coming ahead. Having a sugar daddy is amazing if you find the right person. However, it could turn into a hellish one if you don’t abide by the unwritten rules.

Sniff Out The Fakes & Flakes

Bad grammar & copy-and-paste messages: Does his bio have any typos? Do you think the messages are copied from somewhere else? Try performing a Google search. If the same shows up, this could be a major red flag.

Stolen photo:The ultimate litmus test of a sugar daddy’s profile would be to check for his profile photo using Google’s image search feature. If he is fake, the search engine would show similar images associated with other web pages.

Promise crazy allowances: Sugar daddies are wealthy men, however, that doesn’t mean they promise unrealistic allowances even before meeting you. If the allowance you’re being promised is too good to be true, consider that as a red flag.

Ask for bank account details or a gift card: Real sugar daddies won't ask for your bank account login information or ask you to purchase a gift card to receive money. Ask him to give you cash or use Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal. If he refuses to do so, pass him and move on.

Are You On The Same Page?

You might have met someone truly amazing on a sugar daddy app, however, determining if he’s seeking a transactional relationship is an entirely different discussion. There are three key aspects that would help you make the right choice:

He hates being transactional: Did he explicitly mention that he hates transactional relationships or those involving any kind of “give and take”? As a matter of fact, the concept of sugar daddy dating abides by this very principle - sugar babies are given an allowance in exchange for companionship.

He’s looking for “the one”: Did he ever say that he’s looking for a romantic partner or a “special person” so he could get off dating sites? If you’re strictly looking for a sugar daddy, he isn’t the person you’d want to be with.

He never talks about allowances: So you’ve had a few dates now and he hasn’t spoken a word about allowances? It’s time for you to take a call on whether he’s really into the idea of being a sugar daddy. Alternatively, you could politely ask him about a monthly allowance on your next date.

Tinder vs Seeking Arrangement

You might think that sugar daddies, who are often billionaires or multimillionaires, would not have any challenge finding hot young girls to have fun with. Why don't they just go tinder? Why do they pay to date attractive women? The reality seems to be very different from what you might have in mind.

According to a recent survey, sugar daddies face more rejections on conventional dating apps such as Tinder compared to niche sugar daddy websites like Seeking Arrangement.

The reason behind this is simpler than you think. Beautiful girls on Tinder often prefer handsome guys their age. This means they’re likely to filter out older men regardless of how wealthy they are. So sugar daddies usually have more success on Seeking Arrangement. Some sugar daddies are even addictive to this lifestyle.

The key factor that drive attractive women to sign up on Seeking Arrangement is the fact that Seeking Arrangement keep things transparent between wealthy men and beautiful girls. Everyone joining this website is clearly aware of the fact that the relationship is going to be like "I'm rich. You are hot." so the average quality of women on Seeking Arrangement is better than Tinder. There are lots of Instagram models on Seeking Arrangement.

If you are searching for a sugar daddy, you could try your luck on other websites but it would take a fair bit of time to figure out whether the person you’re speaking with is interested in a “give and take” kind of a relationship. Besides, you might end up making things really awkward if the other person is not on the same page as you are.