Sugar Daddies, Here Is What You Can Learn From Andrew Broad

This is for every sugar daddy out there and a big warning not to be like Andrew Broad in regards to your personal life. If you are not up to speed, Andrew Broad is or WAS a respected politician until he was basically outed this year as being a sugar daddy. He apparently met a particular woman on a sugar daddy website and was spotted with her at a restaurant. His career quickly took a nosedive and the same could happen to you if you are a businessman or a family man who has a lot to lose. Let's look at how you can use Seeking Arrangement or other sugar daddy sites to their full potential, while also being very careful not to end up like this guy.

1. Keep things private

Sugar daddy websites are designed with your privacy in mind but they can't do it all for you! It's important that you take the necessary steps to keep things private online if you don't want to risk being outed. This should include things like using a fake name (the sugar babies will likely be doing this too!). If you are well known, you might not be comfortable to put a picture up of yourself and this is advised. Don't tell any potential sugar babies who you are and don't brag about the things that you have or you could end up meeting the wrong kind of women. Naturally when you talk about yourself, some details of your life might emerge but try and keep these as vague as possible for your own safety.

2. Be good to your sugar baby

If you get closer to a woman that you meet on Seeking Arrangement or somewhere else, a few details of your life and who you are will come out - its unavoidable. So you need to be making sure that you are treating your sugar baby well. If you wrong her in any way or are generally not a nice guy, then why should she keep the secret from your family and/or place of employment? The rule should always be "treat others as you wish to be treated".

3. Don't take things offline too quickly

The reason that sugar daddy sites exist is so you can get to know somebody before you meet up in the flesh and the online interaction is actually a really fun part. Sure you might be talking to a number of different women but hopefully you will be able to narrow it down to just one and only meet up when it feels right. The online platform gives you the opportunity to get to know somebody which should help you choose the right sugar baby who is happy to keep things as confidential as possible.

4. Trust your instinct

Following on from the previous point is just to trust your gut instinct. If you are getting any red flags from any sugar babies, just hit that block button and move onto the next one. Some red flags might include questioning you who you are over and over again when you have already said that you want to keep it confidential. Asking about your income all the time and not actually taking the time to get to know you as a person is also something to make you worried. Even more so than that is asking you your relationship status or even details of your family. Some women, although it is the minority, will purely sign up to sugar daddy sites in order to meet somebody important or with a wife, find out details from their life and then blackmail them. Looking out for the mentioned warning signs and also just trusting your gut is the best way to avoid women like this.


There is no doubt that Andrew Broad messed up big time but that is really easy to do nowadays with the amount of information that can be found out about us online. Don't let this scare you off however, sugar baby sites are a great way to find what you are looking for with a mutually beneficial relationship. You can enjoy dating sugar babies while keeping the other side of your life private if you follow the steps that have been mentioned in this article.